Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly are Puzzling Kids floor puzzles?

Puzzling Kids Floor Puzzles are customizable, 24-piece, huge floor puzzles. All designs are black and white, adorable line drawings. Ten Crayola ® Double Doodler markers with 20 colors are included with the puzzle. Assembling the black and white puzzle can be challenging so you child may need your help. Then comes the real fun as he or she colors the puzzle to make it unique and personal. Finally, your child can assemble the puzzle creation again and again.

What comes in the box?

Each Floor Puzzle comes in a box with 24 puzzle pieces and 10 Crayola ® Double Doodler markers. The box can be used to store the puzzle and markers for future playtime, making clean-up fun and easy.

How large are the puzzles?

Each puzzle is approximately 2 x 3 feet.

How Large are the pieces?

Each piece is approximately 5 x 5 inches, but size varies due to the shape of the puzzle and the pieces.

Are the pieces interlocking?

Yes, the pieces lock together.

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