Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly are Puzzling Kids floor puzzles?

Puzzling Kids Floor Puzzles are customizable floor puzzles intended for ages 3+.  Our floor puzzle designs come black and white in the box similar to a coloring book, allowing your child to not only enjoy assembling their puzzle but coloring and personalizing it as well.

What comes in the box?

Each Floor Puzzle comes in a box with 24 puzzle pieces and 10 Crayola ® Double Doodler markers. The box can be used to store the puzzle for future playtime, making cleanup fun and easy.

How large are the pieces?

Each piece is approximately 5 inches x 5 inches, but size varies due to the shape of the puzzle.

How large are the puzzles?

Each puzzle is approximately 2 feet tall and 3 feet wide.

Are the pieces interlocking?

Yes, the pieces lock together.

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